150 word essay for college

Three techniques you should steal:

150 word essay for college

This short paragraph is an important one on your application. In just a few sentences, you must convey something personal, meaningful, and interesting about yourself.

These tips may help you decide which activity to focus upon, and how to write a well-structured paragraph that gives the reader a deeper understanding of your motivations and your priorities. If you are a star tennis player and possible recruit for a college team, that fact will be clear on your activity list.

If you are the best clarinetist in the city, then your activity list should reflect that fact. More specifically, it may be that the activity in which you have achieved or excelled the most is not the activity that will be the best to elaborate upon in this short essay.

Consider the other activities that may help to round out your application and present another view of what motivates and interests you.

Consider which activities carry the most personal meaning to you. Consider elaborating on an activity that is not on the activities list or resume.

For example, perhaps your extended family shares Sunday dinner together regularly, and this ritual has had a big influence on you and helped to shape your feelings about family. Maybe you actually enjoy mowing your lawn every week, making it look nice by paying attention to details.

Perhaps you ride your bike to school every morning, and you use that time to notice details on your route, and get your head together before and after your workday.

150 word essay for college

Consider taking one of your activities and giving it greater specificity and detail. As you know, the space on the application in which to elaborate on your activities is very, very limited. So use this short paragraph to pull out some details. For example, perhaps you mention on your activity sheet that you have done volunteer work at a hospital, and that you have several responsibilities.

But there is one responsibility, in particular, that you most enjoy. However, there I some particular aspect of playing the guitar that you enjoy: These sorts of details can say a lot about the depth of your interest in an activity, even if it is not where your greatest accomplishments lie.

This list explains your accomplishments and the range of your commitments. This short essay-ette gives you an opportunity do some explaining.

As with your primary college essay and with the supplements, the aim here is to give the admissions officer reading your file a bit more information about yourself. This is another opportunity for you to present another interesting and important facet of your personality.

All the essays give your application depth and dimension. Tips for Writing Start with a list of reasons you participate in this activity. What do you get out of it?

Why do you enjoy it?

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Why would you miss it if you suddenly were unable to do it anymore? Remember that not every aspect of your participation may be enjoyable.

Are there reasons you participate in this activity that actually help you accomplish something else that is, in fact, even more enjoyable? For example, weigh training may not always be fun, but it can make you stronger. Practicing the flute may be enjoyable in some respects, and not so much in others—but practicing makes you a better player.

Once your list of reasons why you participate in this activity, pick the top three. Write your essay in 5 sentences. One to introduce the activity, three to explain why you do it, and 1 to spare, either as a conclusion or as an elaboration on your introduction.

If you are having trouble, try completing these sentence prompts to get you going. I take the most pride in this aspect of the activity:As a CC member, you can: Reply to threads, and start your own. Post reviews of your campus visits. Find hundreds of pages of informative articles. Although shorter, a word essay poses certain challenges that a longer essay doesn't.

You must be concise, and have one main point and stick to it. Nevertheless, in writing an effective short essay you'll be using the same fundamentals of good essay writing that apply to any essay, regardless of length. With room for only words, there is little space for mapping out a well-rounded response.

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How to Write a Word Short Essay. March 31, By: Joshua Laud. Share; Share on Facebook; When writing an essay you will more often than not, find that they have set a word limit. You may be asked by a potential employer, or your tutor, for a short essay.

Shorter essays may be used if there is a high volume level of candidates for. The College Activity Essay– Very Important Words The Common Application asks you to “elaborate” on one of you extracurricular activities in words.

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