An introduction to the various improvements in sports

They work hard and train in the off-season to achieve their goals.

An introduction to the various improvements in sports

Waterbending-powered submarines [3] Technology in the World of Avatar varies greatly from nation to nation, particularly in development. Prior to the Hundred Year Warthe Fire Nation underwent an industrial revolution that rapidly advanced manufacturing and vehicular technology, allowing it to become more powerful than all the other nations.

While the Earth Kingdom did not industrialize, its technology was still more developed than that of the nature-oriented and unambitious Air Nomad civilization as well as the Water Tribe.

The latter two societies used sophisticated technology only in conjunction with their corresponding bending artsairbending and waterbendingrespectively, for purposes such as opening a passageway.

In addition, technologies in general advanced differently based on bending. Some examples include the earthbending-powered monorail of Ba Sing Se and the use of lightning generation as a source of energy for power plants, applied extensively in Republic City.

Contents [ show ] History During the time of Avatars Aang and Korraa rapid advance in all fields of technology occurred. In just two hundred years, society underwent unprecedented change; significant improvements were made to communication, transportationmanufacturing, building infrastructureand warfare technology.

This process was a direct result of the Hundred Year War and the Anti-bending Revolutioneach of which in turn necessitated participating parties to create new technologies in order to discourage their opponents as well as lower battle costs and casualties.

Prior to the Hundred Year War, the primary form of long-distance communication was by sending a messenger bird carrying notes to and from the point of interest. Many people had personal messenger birds that could send messages to faraway locations at a relatively fast pace.

However, this form of communication was not foolproof, as the birds did not always reach their destination. After the Hundred Year War, advances in technology led to the introduction of telegraphy, which revolutionized long-distance communication.

People living miles away from the broadcaster could receive messages instantaneously and partake in a conversation. Radios began being used by news broadcasterssports commentatorsand Republic City's police forces.

Since many people had a personal radio, this type of broadcasting made it easy for small groups of people to communicate a message to a larger number of people in a region. Aside from telegraphy, other innovative inventions were made in communication, such as the microphone and megaphone.

An introduction to the various improvements in sports

These new sound amplifiers were commonly used in public events and protests, where it was imperative that all members of the audience be able to hear the words of the announcers clearly. Another significant innovation was the phonograph, which made sound recording possible.

Telephones have also been developed, which make long-distance communication possible. Transportation The Satomobile was invented by Hiroshi Sato to be an affordable mode of transportation.

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Before the advent of steam-powered and electric machines, travel in the World of Avatar was difficult and arduous. The animals that were used for transportation changed with location. Nobility traveled long distances by riding on animal-drawn carriages.

Boats during this era were primitive as well, being limited to cutters, catamarans, barges, canoes, skiffs, and ferries. The Air Nomads traveled on their flying bison and flew around with their gliders. The most notable issue with pre-industrial travel technology was that it often became unreliable.

Since animals were so crucial to transportation, travel would easily be interrupted if the animals became tired, diseased, or injured. Animals would be harshly affected by rough terrain and inclement weather, especially if they were not familiar to the species.

An introduction to the various improvements in sports

Sea travel was better trusted, although it did not come without its flaws either. Not all boats could travel everywhere; for example, cutters were specifically made to be able to bypass the icebergs surrounding the Southern Water Tribebut would have no chance of getting past a swampfor which skiffs were made.

Other problems with pre-industrial travel technology included slow speed and limits on passenger amount. During the latter half of the Hundred Year War, steam-powered machines were introduced. This new invention had immediate effects on warfare, which soon spread into transportation.

By AGsteam-powered trains had been introduced to the Fire Nation as a new form of public transportation. Unlike earlier forms of transportation, these trains could travel at high speeds and carry a lot of passengers in one ride.

Trains also made travel much more convenient, as the ride was relaxing and smooth compared to traveling on the back of an animal. Despite being able to move only on land rails, they could still function on many types of terrain and weather. Although trains radically changed travel, they did have a few setbacks.

The foremost problem was that because they ran on rails, they could not go where rails had not been set. This meant that not everybody had access to trains or did not ride them because they were of no use.What is Sports Massage?

SPORTS MASSAGE is the care and rehabilitation of the body's muscles, ligaments and tendons (soft tissues). It is a highly developed deep tissue treatment using slow movements with deep pressure to reduce the tension at concentrated areas within the deeper layers of .

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Sports, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. The aim of the present study was to test the effectiveness of carbohydrate (CHO) feeding supplemented every km, as in official races, on the performance, rating of perceived exertion (RPE), and glycaemia during a km intermittent training workout in elite open-water swimmers.

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