Aos extended response the crucible and

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Aos extended response the crucible and

ETA Student Day, June Slide 4 AOS in a nutshell … student speak… It is an exploration of a concept — belonging Exploration of concept in a variety of texts Look at same and different ideas of belonging in texts, or different perspectives Examine the different features of the individual text to shape the ideas about belonging Evaluate different representations of belonging — come up with your own conclusions.

Discuss context, purpose, register, structures, style, language and grammar specific to your texts — close study. Personal, social, historical, cultural, political contexts Connection with people, places, groups communities and larger world Laura Craven, GHS.

Demonstrate how your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing represent this interpretation of belonging. You may find links and similarities and differences that enhance your understanding of the complexities of belonging but the focus should fall back on the individual texts.

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Personal understanding is clear and takes into account a range of perspectives about belonging. Relevant textual references from both texts The structure of your response might be a little more straight-forward.

Still may link texts but not as skilfully. Aos extended response the crucible and a a simple thesis that might not connect with the question too well. Use of textual references from both texts but might list or not connect clearly with ideas.

The structure may not be relevant to the argument of the question and may not link texts. Recounts the texts or tells the story in connection to belonging Use of textual references may not connect to ideas, might use quotes as analysis rather than the language features of the text, or lists techniques but does not develop them.

Does not link texts. Might only discuss one text. ETA Student Day, June Slide 19 — General Comments Stronger responses, candidates engaged in a perceptive manner with the view expressed in the statement, establishing an insightful thesis, which was sustained throughout the response through a discerning selection of textual detail and an astute analysis of both texts the prescribed text and the text of their own choosing.

The skilful integration of the analysis of both texts into the conceptual framework of their response was a distinguishing feature of highly developed responses.

These responses were also marked by clear and purposeful control of language, with a judicious use of related material. ETA Student Day, June Slide 20 Some candidates found it difficult to sustain their argument as their chosen related material offered them limited opportunity to develop a strong argument or detailed analysis to support their ideas on the nature of belonging.

Sound responses engaged with the view expressed in the statement. Candidates used their knowledge to support their response, but did not develop the response or sustain their analysis in a rigorous manner. These responses tended to list rather than analyse textual details and features, and adopted a series of explanations.

Many of these responses approached the question in a logical and structured way, but merely relied on an overview of texts and description as a means of discussion. Some of these responses were overloaded with textual analysis at the expense of a well-developed and coherent line of argument imbalance.

Links between texts were evident, but remained undeveloped, and candidates did not sustain their conceptual discussion throughout the response.

AoS Extended Response: The Crucible and Related Text (The Awakening, Kate Chopin)

ETA Student Day, June Slide 21 Weaker responses, candidates generally attempted to respond to the view expressed in the statement, but experienced some difficulty in using textual evidence or features to support a discussion of the texts. Candidates often resorted to storytelling with intermittent reference to, rather than explanation of, textual features.

Aos extended response the crucible and

Weaker responses were often colloquial, conversational and segmented, demonstrating a varying control of language, and displaying an elementary knowledge of the concept and the texts studied.

Some candidates established a simplistic thesis in their introduction but did not develop or sustain this throughout the response.

The Crucible with Related Text - words | Study Guides and Book Summaries

These responses were often unbalanced in their treatment of the prescribed and related texts, most often being weaker in their analysis of their chosen text.

Stronger responses offered a perceptive balance between the ideas addressed in the question and the central concerns of the text. In these responses, candidates developed a relevant and sustained thesis, making consistent and discerning reference to textual detail in order to support and enhance their argument.

Responses demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the text, exploring one or more characters and, where applicable, notions of individuality, conformity, morality, conflict and the effects of societal and institutional power.

Weaker responses reproduced a generic statement on belonging and relied on recount to demonstrate their knowledge of the text. These responses made scant reference to the question or to textual detail, often identifying and describing textual features or aspects of the text, and explaining how these displayed belonging.

Some candidates made reference to McCarthyism as a point of contextual discussion.

The Crucible Exam – English With Mrs. Pierce

However, such inclusions did not enhance their ability to analyse the text, answer the question or develop an argument. Step outside of the text:tackling the extended response.

belonging crucible marsden lecture Documents Similar To unpacking the essay question presentation. eta aos belonging crucible resource booklet - Uploaded by. api extn1 intro to course overview summaryversion.

Uploaded by. RELATED TEXT: Picture book The Red Tree by Shaun Tan If it is a picture book, you need to discuss the overall purpose of the book and then choose one or two pictures to analyse in depth – .

In preparing for your exam over The Crucible be sure that you review the process of writing an Extended Response and Constructed Responses. Remember - you will be able to use the rubrics I provided you earlier in the semester over each of these (they are printed on pink paper).

Your test will be comprised of. eta aos belonging crucible resource booklet - Descarga. Tackling the Extended. Response A Revision Guide Addressing the Question • Any answer MUST respond directly to the set question.

It‟s important to know when to leave out information if it isn‟t relevant to the question. •. AoS Extended Response: The Crucible and Related Text (The Awakening, Kate Chopin) Arthur Miller’s dramatisation The Crucible (TC) depicts the chaos and hysteria in 17th century Salem, created from a series of accusations.

Kate Chopin’s short story The Awakening (TA) addresses a similar sense of chaos through the eyes of a Creole woman. Approaching the AOS Short Answer Questions; Writing Task: Paper 1 Section 1; Lesson 2.

Lesson 3 Lesson 4. Lesson 5. Lesson 6.

Aos extended response the crucible and

Lesson 7. Lesson 8. Lesson 9. Meet our HSC English Experts. Dr Peta Greenfield. BAncHist(Hons) PhD GradDipEd. Peta has been teaching at Matrix since and has coordinated the English faculty upon completing .

AOS Belonging - The Crucible, June