Descriptive on an old car

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Descriptive on an old car

When contemplating purchasing a classic or antique car or truck, locating and decoding the vehicle VIN number is a necessary step in due diligence. Sometimes it may not be easy to do but it can be done. For one thing, the proper searching of VIN's will help tell you if the car or truck you're looking at is authentic or not.

What could be more important? Researching the VIN or the old serial number of an antique car or truck will also help you determine the vehicles value.

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Perhaps a vehicle is worth more if it has original parts. Less modification may mean the vehicle is worth more. Buyers can determine if trim tag numbers, engine code identification number, and rear axle identification numbers are consistent with the original make and model as advertised.

Depending on replacement parts which may or may not have been added to the vehicle, the true market value could vary significantly.

This is a must for a serious collector. During the 's and 's a VIN number would look quite different from what you're Descriptive on an old car to today. Prior to the 's standardization and the 's VIN introduction the vehicle identification number serial number would vary from car to car.

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The serial numbers used then were put together however the individual manufacturer wished. Each had it's own code. To understand what it tells you requires access to the manufacturers code book. The serial numbers a manufacturer may have used during the 's or 's for example did not look like today's modern VIN in any way.

Beginning in they did begin to look like today's VIN but not entirely. In general they were shorter and of course were not standardized until the early 's. This would suggest that the vehicle as it is today has all the parts on it as at the time it rolled off the assembly line. You could assume that if the parts have different numbers stamped on them that they are not original.

Depending on the year of the vehicle, this definition could be considered somewhat strict. VIN numbers serial numbers on antique automobiles can be found at different places on the car or truck depending on the make.

VIN locations might include the door post, the dashboard, the engine or perhaps the steering wheel post.

Descriptive on an old car

Some might be found on the front door hinge post. All depends on the particular automaker. What they used instead was a "car number plate". These are also referred to as "serial numbers". This plate or serial number essentially identified where the vehicle was manufactured each factory had a different numberwhat month it was built and the series from which it came off the assembly line.

These old plates are can be somewhat rare. Many are missing and because some of the early models were built with wood frames the car number plate would often disappear with the deteriorating wood. Early serial numbers did not include nearly as much information about the car model and mechanics like today's.

On that particular model the serial number would be found on the car's right or left frame side rail about 13 inches back from the front axle. Another example would be with a Ford Deluxe Series Coupe. With this model the serial number might look like A The first three characters tell you in what country the vehicle was built.

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