How to write a fugue youtube broadcast

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How to write a fugue youtube broadcast

A scene-by-scene analysis of Tobe Hooper's horror masterpiece - The Funhouse. I currently write at Video Fugue.

how to write a fugue youtube broadcast

A hardworking archivist, obviously - so a hearty tip o' the hat to him, first of all. These extra clips were taken from a recent broadcast on the cable horror channel Chiller.

It was actually somewhat common practice for horror films backed by major studios Universal, in the case of The Funhouse to have a little extra footage tacked on certain scenes specifically for future television broadcasts, to compensate for the time lost to censorship: Halloween II, another Universal horror release fromhas an even more elaborate alternate TV cut to compensate for a greater amount of excised sex and violence, and both these films' TV cut footage will be available next month when Shout!

Factory releases their long-awaited Blu-Rays. The Arrow release was how to write a fugue youtube broadcast with three! Now here's the real advantage to producing special features for a film in the country of its origin.

I feel bad for saying this, but I'm frankly surprised Conway is alive - apparently he's This kind of compensates for Arrow getting Richie Miles Chapin while we don't. Unless, you know, they also had time to ask him about the making of Get Crazy.

Which versions of La Folia have been written down, transcribed or recorded?

Lester Ahh, the great Mark L. I've always wondered how he became involved, and now I'll get to find out. John Beal's score was always one of the film's strongest assets and hearing him talk about its creation should be a delight. So, about these new scenes. As JR put it when we found these scenes, some of them seem practically improvised by the actors.

First, we see Buzz actually inside the Harper house, at the front door to collect Amy - unlike the theatrical cut in which he honks his car horn from outside and Amy leaves the house on her own.

Amy's dad grills Buzz about pumping gas for a living, to which Buzz glibly replies that he's considering joining the army. Amy's dad then warns him to bring Amy back by midnight - she's still his little girl.

Walking to Buzz's car, he grumbles that her dad doesn't seem to like him, and Amy defends daddy by saying "he doesn't even know you. The presence of the carnival brings to mind the killings that took place last year. And now back to some music.

The most fascinating of these newly discovered TV scenes is the one which follows directly after Buzz picks Amy up: A fascinating find regardless. There's some inane stuff with Liz and Richie making small talk as they get into Buzz's car, and Buzz joking around at the carnival's ticket booth - all in order to fill time lost by not showing the gang getting stoned.


The one good moment is Buzz kidding Amy by asking for "One adult and one child" as he buys her ticket. Liz now says "If you play your cards right, you may not have to spend the rest of your life alone" instead of "a virgin" to which Amy now replies, "Liz?

I guess the TV editors figured it wasn't sufficiently creepy already for an adult to wave a shotgun in a kid's face just to scare him for laughs There's a juicy new morsel for fans of Marko the Magnificent - aren't we all? Marko brushes off the criticisms with his special brand of haggard grace, claiming "The guillotine, that piece of junk, was impounded - unfortunate accident.

Speaking of censorship, the Girl Tent scene doesn't show so much as a bare leg in the TV edit. What we get instead are new shots of previously unseen, bored-looking extras who look like they were borrowed from the film's crew.

After an alternate shot of Amy and Buzz getting into the Funhouse cart with assistance from Frankenstein, there's a massive amount of cut footage from the carnival closing down and Joey creeping around the fairgrounds, just for the sake of time.

And of course, there's some new jumping around from angle to angle inside the Funhouse itself to keep Berridge's boobs off-limits to TV audiences. Have you ever seen such a beautiful body?

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how to write a fugue youtube broadcast

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