Inhumanity essay

Codrin PO Humanity today is regressing. Whatever steps we take forward, they take us back as human beings.

Inhumanity essay

The cruelty of militarism, racism, anti-Semitism and poverty seem to be alive and well. The gate into the Auschwitz death camp with the cruelly ironic motto: Ultimately the gate, which had been cut into three segments, was returned and replaced. Members of the radical right-wing, xenophobic, communist-hating and Jew-hating Nazi SS soldiers very likely chuckled at the cruel joke as they looked up at that gate.

Possibly inspired by the Arbeit Macht Frei slogan, obedient young German workers were conscripted, often against their wills, into the German Labor Front Deutsche Arbeitsfront after Hitler had abolished labor unions in Germany and with them, the socialism that capitalism and its evil twin fascism — despise so vehemently.

Transportation systems involving railroads and automobiles especially the building of the famous Autobahn plus textile, chemical, agricultural, mining, pharmaceutical, metals production systems and concentration camps all thrived. Satisfied and therefore increasingly obedient Good Germans applauded Hitler for his economic genius.

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But by then it was already too late for the many oppressed minorities like Jews, gypsies, Slavs, foreigners and homosexuals, all of which were being killed, almost to extinction in the case of Jews and gypsies, under the military jackboot.

Good Germans, with some notable exceptions, had been, during the good years, busy averting their eyes from what they saw happening all around them, too frightened to speak out. Hitler ordered Hess to be shot on sight if he ever came back to Germany. The Rudolf Hoess of Auschwitz infamy was the son of a devout Roman Catholic family whose father was well-to-do, conservative, anti-Semitic and a strict disciplinarian.

His family actually had wanted him to go into the priesthood. Hitler, interestingly enough, was also a baptized Catholic who had likewise considered entering the priesthood as a child. However, unlike Hitler, who never left the Catholic Church and was never excommunicated from itHoess renounced his Catholicism when he was 20, around the time he joined the Nazi Party.

Hoess learned unconditional obedience to authority at the hands of his harsh military veteran father as did most Germans who had been immersed in the legacy of Prussian militarism.

And since violence is contagious the previously victimized Nazis then obediently inflicted it upon the inmates. Punitive parenting and harsh discipline was also the norm in both the secular and religious schools; and thus Hoess was able to write the following explanation for his willingness to reflexively carry out the decidedly un-Christ-like orders he received at Auschwitz: Whatever they said, went.

These fundamental values of my upbringing became part of my flesh and blood. They somehow are more obedient to orders and can therefore react automatically in the war zone, obeying even illegal orders that are given in the heat of battle.

If SS soldiers working in the camps exhibited any compassion for prisoners or refused to obey illegal orders such as the gassing of prisoners or the shooting of innocent women and children they were threatened with transfer to front-line duty, a clear disincentive to be merciful.

Mans Inhumanity to Man Essay Sample. Why does man treat others so harshly and with such cruelty? Since the beginning of time man has shown inhumanity to his fellow man. This was shown especially throughout the civil rights movement in the s and s to get rid of segregation. Man's Inhumanity to Man Essay Words 4 Pages Man's inhumanity to man is a phrase that was first written down by the poet Robert Burns in his poem titled Man was made to mourn: A Dirge in Inhumanity in this Era Essay - InhumanityinthisEra earth. Inhumanity in this Era The main difference between animals and social animals is that social animals have a humanity kind of trait by which they get recognized as ‘humans’. Humans are the only lone skilled and solely a .

It can be assumed that Hoess never was conscious of the connections between his harsh child-rearing experiences and his unconditional obedience in reflexively carrying out illegal orders at Auschwitz. In an affidavit read at Nuremberg, Hoess wrote: The remainder of the total number of victims included aboutGerman Jews, and great numbers of citizens mostly Jewish from Holland, France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Greece, or other countries.

We executed aboutHungarian Jews alone at Auschwitz in the summer of I considered them to be the enemy of our nation. However, that was precisely the reason to treat them the same way as the other prisoners.

Inhumanity essay

Besides, the feeling of hatred is not in me. It is tragic that, although I was by nature gentle, good-natured, and very helpful, I became the greatest destroyer of human beings who carried out every order to exterminate people no matter what. Internalizing such propaganda allowed Hoess to proudly and honorably perform his duties at Auschwitz, without any obvious signs of remorse when he was later tried, convicted and then hanged, overlooking Auschwitz, for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The baptized Catholic Heinrich Himmler who was idolized by Hoess and the Lutheran Adolph Eichmann a direct superior of Hoess and a frequent visitor to Auschwitz had also learned to obey orders from their abusive fathers, their dictatorial schoolmasters, their clergy leaders and ultimately their Nazi superiors, while simultaneously demanding obedience from their subordinates in the chain of military command below them.

Such victims of physical, emotional, spiritual or sexual abuse, especially in the case of males, are often driven to seek revenge against the original persecutors when they become strong enough. Unfortunately, the revenge is often taken out against weaker victims who often turn out to be innocent, often defenseless, scapegoats.Essay on Shirley Jackson's The Lottery - Inhumanity Exposed; Essay on Shirley Jackson's The Lottery - Inhumanity Exposed.

Words 5 Pages. Inhumanity Exposed in The Lottery The story entitled "The Lottery," written by Shirley Jackson is an intriguing and shocking parable.

"The Lottery" is set in a small village on a clear summer day. Essay about Night: Inhumanity/Genocide Night: Inhumanity /Genocide Night, a memoir written by Elie Wiesel, is about a young boy and his experience in the concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Essay on Inhumanity in This Era The main difference between animals and social animals is that social animals have a humanity kind of trait by which they get recognized as ‘humans’. Humans are the only lone skilled and solely a self-effacing living thing on the earth.

man s inhumanity to man essay "The Lottery" is a short story by Shirley Jackson, written just months before its first publication, in the June 26, man s inhumanity to man essay , issue of .

Mar 11,  · “There is only one way in which one can endure man’s inhumanity to man and that is to try, in one’s own life, to exemplify man’s humanity to man.” –Alan Paton If “humanity” can be defined as simply being a human being and part of the human species on earth; then does “inhumanity” translate as not being part of the human race?

Mans Inhumanity to Man. Miss Cambell lived entirely in her dilatory one-bedroomed appartment on the underside of 23rd Street. She was an introvert and ever had been.

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