News writing and reporting syllabus agh

Sample Clauses Portfolio assessment In this course, you will complete two major assignment sequences, each of which is designed to help you fulfill the course outcomes. Each assignment sequence requires you to complete a variety of shorter assignments leading up to a major paper. These shorter assignments will each target one or more of the course outcomes at a time, help you practice these outcomes, and allow you to build toward a major paper at the end of each sequence.

News writing and reporting syllabus agh

Unexcused late work is not accepted and will be given a zero. Printer failures and computer crashes are not acceptable excuses. You should plan to back up your files and allow extra time before the deadline for possible computer, roommate, dog, car or other extracurricular problems.

We must be ready when it comes to deadlines.

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In general, the following scale will apply to all major stories submitted. It is also the scale used in determining your final grade in the course: All stories and class exercises must be typed, double-spaced, on soft-surface paper. You will be required to rewrite most major stories; others will be optional.

Mistakes in spelling, grammar, style and punctuation will be treated as technical errors. After a few weeks I will deduct points for technical errors. Some early assignments will not be assigned a letter grade so you will have an opportunity to get up to speed on writing and style.

The goal will be to produce nine publishable or broadcast ready quality stories by the end of the semester. You will be writing on deadline, but will be given an opportunity to rewrite each story. Speed is important, but getting it right is more important.

Once you know how to get it right, speed should follow. All the following will add up to count the same as one publishable story: You will be expected to be read the Atlanta Journal Constitution each day as well regularly monitor broadcast media. There will be spot quizzes to test how well you are keeping abreast of current events regionally, nationally and internationally.

This participation will count towards your grade. Story selection, coverage of the beat, and ultimate team output will be considered.

You should have a good idea of your class standing at any given time during the semester because all your work will be returned with grades and comments. One-on-one story editing sessions You should try to schedule up to 10 minutes to meet with me each week to discuss your writing.

Time will be best spent in pre-writing and or rewriting discussions. Every writer needs an editor. You should feel free to discuss grades with me, especially as they relate to a specific assignment or quiz, at any time.

However, the more time you focus on discussing your writing, the better are the chances your writing will improve and consequentially the more likely you will be to improve your grades.

These minute conferences are outside my regular office hours. I will have time slots for every 10 minutes from Preference will be given to those who have either taken Communication (Reporting, Writing and Analyzing the News), or who have journalism experience, .

news writing and reporting syllabus agh

the reporting and writing skills you learned in Journalism (or its equivalent), applying these by finding, reporting and writing your own news and feature stories for the Daily. Part of this class is learning how to work with others, an important component of the professional.

Writing accounts for approximately 20 percent of the course grade. 3rd Program Goal: Critical Thinking Measured by: Evaluation of student’s ability to synthesize information and apply logic and reasoning to .

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news writing and reporting syllabus agh

The PPCC Institutional Syllabus outlines general college academic and student policies required for all courses. All arrangements for accommodations must be agreed upon, in writing, and signed by the student, an Accessibility. Reporting and Writing Basics. Clear Results. Innuendo is rarely acceptable in news reporting.

You should never guess at what a source means. To write in a news story that someone hinted, implied, indicated, suggested, or signaled is to editorialize or interpret someone’s actions, words, or thoughts.

This is rarely acceptable unless you. Advanced writing techniques for various types of news articles, including tight deadline reporting and writing, are also taught.

Strategies are developed for individual reporting projects in print, broadcast, and digital media.

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