Paper beads for sale

All profits from product sales go to our Ugandan women beaders and to projects and programs in the communities where our women's income-generation groups are located.

Paper beads for sale

The purses with their matching coin purses were a huge hit, as were the small patchwork-quilted bags. I mark up the goods enough to cover: And the rest goes to Women of Paper beads for sale, to pay multiple women and some small administrative costs at the Uganda end.

In addition to the information as to where your money goes listed in the last post, here are some more eye-openers: The women have become good at muffin baking and want to begin selling them. Raising chickens is an affordable way to make money even in the city.

Thank you, everyone who has bought these beautiful beaded items, and more to follow soon! AfricaChristmas giftseconomic developmentFair TradeFair Trade jewelryrecycled jewelryrecycled paper beads for saleSarah Adamswholesale inquiries crafts Leave a comment Recently I came upon a post written by Margaret Grondorf for Bead For Life, and thought is was well-worth reprinting here.

After reading her post, I was again struck by the enormity of third world poverty. Initially, I was struck by the creative artistry and such close approximation of how each country wholly nestles into Africa. The sheer enormity of this land space presents unique logistical problems, especially as it pertains to aid, distribution of resources, and cross-continent movement both in the physical sense, as well as the travel of information, thoughts, and ideas.

Looking at all the countries, with their different cultures haphazardly smashed together in this visual aid was another poignant reminder of the competing cultures, tribes, and religions that must co-exist often times in an even smaller, more concentrated urban area.

And Women of Worth Uganda is taking care of its small corner of the world. Hard to believe that making recycled paper beaded items can make a difference for women and children, but it does.

It may already be time to plan for a bead party in January or February, ! It was their nicest home yet, although it was located on low ground in a small valley, near a drainage channel.

People were silently sorting out and washing what could be salvaged. Eight flats had been overwhelmed by the flash flood.

Paper Beads For Sale Online Shopping | Paper Beads For Sale for Sale

Sarah could see by the waterline on the walls that the water had risen over five feet. Some brick walls had collapsed from the violent flow of water. Donny rescued many of the residents during the storm. He was supposed to be in school, but during the downpour he returned home and was shocked to find a flood swirling around their building, with his family and neighbors trapped and screaming inside.

Paper beads for sale

Because the doors and windows were already under water, Donny climbed on the roof, pulled back a section of the roof, and pulled 3 of his younger siblings to safety.

He rescued a mother with her newborn, then another neighbor with her child. In a third apartment he found an aged woman trapped, about to drown tin the rising water.

Somehow he managed to knock a hole in a wall to release the torrent that otherwise would have covered her within minutes. When Donny reached the home of a set of 2-year old twins, however, he was too late.

A fallen wall and the rushing water had already carried the children away as the house girl struggled in water up to her neck. Two little lives were lost, but many were saved that day. It was God who rescued those people! And making and selling beaded items will help Dora and her family rebuild and make sure Donny gets continued medical help if he needs it.

With a small-scale operation such as WOW, one of the challenges is for the women to recreate the same items over and over to be able to offer buyers pictures of steady stock.

Ask Sarah what they are her best sellers. You will NOT be disappointed!! Lee has been interested in the Fair Trade movement as her mission for some time.

Hint—Christmas and the Holidays are coming!!!! April 18, in Crafts Wholesale Tags: African volunteersFair TradeFair Trade jewelryhopeinspirationrecycled jewelryrecycled paper beads for saleUgandan beaderswomen and povertyWomen of Worth Leave a comment Women of Worth Uganda helps women help themselves.

Here are some examples of finished products—while this blog is not set up to sell on-line right now, that is a goal!!! Currently the beaded items are sold by friends of American missionary Sarah Adams in the United States, and can also be obtained directly from Sarah and W.

Here are just a few of the many beautiful designs available: Sarah and her crew are always trying to find other ways to generate income for the women and for the center.

Stay tuned for our next post on the local oven they built!! Women of Worth Uganda Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.The Paper Beads Kit is a creative jewelry making each is unique, paired with glass and/or metal spacer beads.

Please note the print on the item may differ very slightly from the picture due to the fabrics pattern repeat See complete description.

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