Paper cupcake liners

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Paper cupcake liners

Gather some colorful cupcake liners. If your cupcake liners are white on the inside, carefully turn them inside-out. Decorate the center of each flower. Try out these ideas: Paper circle - cut out a circle out of paper, craft foam or felt.

Glue this at the center of the flower. Button or bead - glue a large button or bead at the center of each flower. Pipe cleaner or yarn - loop a pipe cleaner or a length of thick yarn around itself to form a tight spiral.

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Pompoms - glue several small pompoms at the center of each flower. As seen in this flower, you can glue a smaller cupcake liner at the center of the first one.

This gives your flower fun contrasting layers. Glue or tape a craft stick, drinking straw, wooden, dowel, or unsharpened pencil at the back of each flower.

Single leaf - fold paper in half, then cut out a half-leaf shape along the folded edge. Unfold the paper to reveal the leaf.

Sep 12,  · Cupcake paper flowers is a simple craft for kids and is great way to teach them about Spring and the many changes we can experience in a season.. The Spring season would have to be one of my favourite times of the year. I just love watching the buds of growth start to appear in the garden and seeing a wonderful bursts of colour from flowers I’ve so lovingly grown with Possum. Jan 7, What is it about cupcake liners that make me smile!. See more ideas about Crafts for children, Crafts for kids and Infant crafts. Cupcake Papers & Liners. Free shipping $49+. Must select ground shipping at checkout. Oversize charges may apply.

If you need printable leaves, you can print out our leaf templates on A4 or Letter size green paper. Pair of leaves - though a bit of a challenge for younger kids, this is a great option if you want to re-use the wooden dowels or unsharpened pencils.

Cut out a 1" x 3" rectangle from green paper. Fold in half, widthwise. Fold in half, lengthwise. Draw a half-leaf shape along the long folded edge. The base of the half-leaf should be wide and located along the paper's short folded edge.

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Paper cupcake liners

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Paper cupcake liners
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