Paper scanning service

Document Imaging Services Increase Efficiency with Document Digitization Our team will work with you to create a document imaging solution designed to achieve your short-and long-term objectives. Based on your needs and expectations our experts will recommend ways to increase efficiency by managing your information digitally. Digitizing physical documents with our document imaging services will optimize your business applications and better leverage your technology investments.

Paper scanning service

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Our customers are able to print, fax or email with the click of the mouse. Your piles of boxes of documents on shelves, in warehouses, in basements and archives can be easily and securely accessed from your computer's browser.

Paper scanning service

And once you need a document, it will take only seconds not hours to retrieve documents. You need those documents readily accessible for your call center, your help desk or the customer service department, without worrying about all the technology needed to deliver the documents to your computer's browser.

We can quickly get your documents on the Web for your company employees and staff to access, anytime or anywhere. In addition to storing and presenting your documents over the Internet, we can also create CD media as your long-term deep archive.

Imaging is a proven, well-established solution that helps many companies apply the benefits of electronic communication and collaboration to traditional paper-based practices. By scanning paper and converting it to images, you can very easily and cost efficiently distribute and access important, active records.

For many companies, though, the costs and resources needed to implement an imaging program are prohibitive. Many companies need a quick, easy imaging solution and are unwilling or unable to invest in a document management system and related infrastructure required for an in-sourced imaging solution.

And storing images on a network server or on CD isn't enough. To properly leverage an imaging investment, you must be able to quickly search through scanned images.

As many will testify, the surest way to defeat an imaging solution is not to index or poorly index your scanned images. Information is valueless if you can't find it. S C A N P R O S image archiving service provides a cost-effective, secure, long-term archiving solution to companies that need to store, access, and manage scanned images - without the upfront capital costs, lengthy implementation cycles, or ongoing maintenance.

Our advanced archive provides controlled access to archived images from your desktop, customized indexing, and sophisticated search tools to enable rapid identification and retrieval.

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Online document retrieval and Web Presentment enables document-intensive industries such as Law Offices, Financial Services, Real Estate Offices, Title and Closing Services, Insurance and Telecommunications to have consolidated views of both internal and customer information. Instantaneous access to reports, archived e-mails and other critical documents can facilitate timely and informed decisions organization-wide.

Firewalls, password protection and full redundancy mean not only safe handling, but also efficient back-up and disaster recovery services. How does the digital document and hard file storage work?

Once we have scanned your paper records, we store those images in our secure data center using the most advanced software and hardware solutions currently available. You can retrieve them any time from any Web browser using a variety of search criteria. Once you see the documents, you can: Your archived images remain available for as long as specified in your retention schedule, and we will store your paper documents and files as well.

Do you have back-up and disaster recovery processes? And we offer full redundancy at two geographically different facilities "hot-sites" as well as CD Media for onsite retrieval. If requested, for in-house media storage. We will pickup and drop off the original file at NO Cost to you.Our document scanning and imaging services can transform your paper piles into text-searchable digital images.

Instead of dealing with file cabinets or off-site storage, your documents can be filed digitally to a DVD, SFTP or online in our web-based document storage solution. If you want to scan your paper files into a digital format, we offer affordable, high quality Hartford document scanning either at your office or at premier conversion facilities in Hartford.

IPS Image Off-Site℠ is a complete outsourced imaging service and document scanning service solution implemented from our high-tech paper-to-image conversion center: We pick up your paper documents daily, scan and index them, and upload them for you to view within 24 hours.

Global Document Services is a leading professional document scanning company, We provide secure document imaging and scanning solutions % HIPAA Compliant GDS helped our office immensely in getting rid of our endless amounts of paper storage through digital archiving and scanning.

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Easily convert your paper documents to an electronic format.

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Learn More > store. Cloud solutions offer "We've been working with Classified Scanning & Shredding for about six years – and their service has been superior. They provide our organization with locked containers for our confidential documents.

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