The development of robotics and its advantages for our society engineering and human life today

There are arguments on both sides of this issue. On one hand the cost of production on a per item basis is generally lower, on the other hand it is often said that automation takes jobs from people. The following is from the first chapter of my book:

The development of robotics and its advantages for our society engineering and human life today

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Learning machines, thinking machines, intelligent machines… Have you ever wondered what is coming our way? Intelligent robots have been a topic in books and films for decades.

One of the important authors on robots, Isaac Asimovstarted writing on this topic in But it all used to be science fiction. When we are testing robots we look from various angles. Of course, we want to know if the mechanical and electrical parts are working well.

And the information processing basically is no different than in any other IT-system. When the machine learns, does it actually improves its behavior?

Below you see our model for the different levels of quality that have to be assessed when evaluating new technology. Social impact is the last and hardest level.

But the most important angles to look at the quality and risks of robotics are the business impact and social impact. In my opinion the social impact of robotics is the hardest angle to test. Because how can we determine if the social impact is desirable?

Let me give you some examples both positive and negative of social impact of robotics. My brother-in-law owns a farm where he has about dairy cows. Since a couple of years he has a milking-robot.

This robot uses a regular industrial robot-arm with some laser-sensors to milk the cows fully automatically and 24 hours a day you will be amazed how often cows want to be milked in the middle of the night! Not only does this robot save a lot of manual labor and it gathers useful information about the health-condition of the cows.

At least as important was the social impact. Seven days a week! Since the robot took over the farmer has a choice to sleep longer or to go shopping or do whatever other thing.

But the most continuous impact of the robot being installed at the farm was that the farmer and his family are now able to have dinner together every day at Unfortunately not all types of social impact of robots will be positive. Think of self-driving cars. Yes, they are robots too.

The development of robotics and its advantages for our society engineering and human life today

Would there still be taxi-drivers? Would you need truck-drivers? Well, maybe you still would need someone to load and unload the truck, but the driving will be automatic.

And also think of car-salesmen. Who would still want to buy a car? You can simply order a car when you need one.

And if you like some company you order a shared-car multiple people going in the same direction in one self-driving car.

Butif you want some quietness you order your own car and pay a little extra. The self-driving cars will change our society at least as much as the smart-phone has recently done. Will new jobs be created? Yes, I think they will. People that assist robots in learning a specific skill.

The development of robotics and its advantages for our society engineering and human life today

For example the Spencer-robot that helps transfer -passengers at Schiphol Airport to find their way from one gate to the other.

Spencer has learned not to walk between people that are standing opposite of each other and one of them is holding a camera.

And more important psychological dilemmas will also arise and be dealt with. The group of people that will experience the biggest social impact of robots are children.

· NASA’s continued funding, coupled with its collective innovations in robotics and shock-absorption/comfort materials are inspiring and enabling the private sector to create new and better solutions for animal and human Importance of robots in human life Robots; a lot of thing flashes in your mind as you see or listen this word.

Let it be the Skynet from the film Terminator, Transformers, that little girl from Small Wonder, the animated Doraemon, the web series and a lot of other Hollywood movies. · The mission of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence is two-fold: to advance the science and technology of artificial intelligence and to promote its responsible use.

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Advantages of Robotics with Emphasis on Industrial Robotics Technology

or processes. Given the unpredictable nature of technological change, it is difficult if not impossible to describe in definite terms what the global technology landscape will look like in 5 to 10 years, both with regard to the emergence of technologies with dual-use applications and Methods.

This study is an exploratory research, based on secondary data, such as books on topics related to robotics, websites, public websites of concerned departments for data and statistics, journals, newspapers and magazines, websites of health care providers,  · Ultimate AI would be a recreation of the human thought process -- a man-made machine with our intellectual abilities.

This would include the ability to learn just about anything, the ability to reason, the ability to use language and the ability to formulate original › HowStuffWorks › Science › Engineering › Robotics.

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