Thesis statement on lupis

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Thesis statement on lupis

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Dominance relationships in a family pack of captive arctic wolves Canis lupus arctos: Abstract Background Dominance is one of the most pervasive concepts in the study of wolf social behaviour but recently its validity has been questioned. For some authors, the bonds between members of wolf families are better described as parent-offspring relationships and the concept of dominance should be used just to evaluate the social dynamics of non-familial captive pack members e.

However, there is a dearth of studies investigating dominance relationships and its correlates in wolf family packs. Methods Here, we applied a combination of the most commonly used quantitative methods to evaluate the dominance relationships in a captive family pack of 19 Arctic wolves.

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Results We found a significant linear and completely transitive hierarchy based on the direction of submissive behaviours and found that dominance relationships were not influenced by the competitive contexts feeding vs.

A significant linear hierarchy also emerges amongst siblings once the breeding pair the two top-ranking individuals is removed from analyses.

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Furthermore, results suggest that wolves may use greeting behaviour as a formal signal of subordination. Whereas older wolves were mostly dominant over younger ones, no clear effect of sex was found.

However, frequency of agonistic submissive, dominant and aggressive behaviours was higher between female—female and male—male dyads than female—male dyads and sex-separated linear hierarchies showed a stronger linearity than the mixed one.

Furthermore, dominance status was conveyed through different behavioural categories during intra-sexual and inter-sexual interactions.

Moreover, they confirm the validity of the concept of dominance relationships in describing the social bonds within a family pack of captive wolves.

Introduction In group-living animals, the natural asymmetries among individuals in their ability to prevail in competition may result in social dominance hierarchies.

In general, dominant-subordinate relationships may be defined as long-term dyadic relationships characterised by an asymmetric distribution of agonistic behaviours Drews, Therefore, a low level of linearity may not necessarily indicate the absence of transitivity but may be due to the high percentage of null dyads.

In fact, filling in zero dyads artificially decreases the level of linearity because it creates cyclic and not transitive triads, e.

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However, the dyadic relationship between individuals may very across contexts since the capacity and motivation of animals to obtain access to specific resources e. Since the costs and benefits of winning a given conflict may be context-dependent, a dyad member may be dominant in one context but not in others Hand,thereby influencing the overall agonistic rank position of members in a pack.

A hierarchy within a group can be described in terms of the asymmetry amongst individuals in winning conflicts agonistic dominancehowever it can also be described in terms of formal dominance De Waal, When the agonistic dominance is accepted by the subordinates, dominance relationships are stable i.

In this case, the exchange of hierarchical status information may be conveyed mainly through formalized submissive signals, resulting in a low frequency of overt aggressive conflicts De Waal, Wolves are a particularly interesting case in which to investigate hierarchical relationships since the applicability of this concept to this species has been suggested to depend largely on the type of social structure of the pack e.

The typical wild wolf social structure is based around a bonded male—female pair that raises pups communally. The offspring of a bonded pair may forego dispersal and remain with their native pack and help raise later litters e. This model has been presented in one of two ways: Although the same authors suggest that traditional concepts of dominance hierarchy may still be useful for evaluating the social dynamics of captive families composed of artificially assembled unrelated individuals Mech, ; Packard, ; Fatjo et al.

To date, although dominance relationships have been described in several packs of wild wolves e. However, signals of formal dominance have so far been systematically tested only in domestic dogs Cafazzo et al.

Indeed, although female and male separate linear hierarchies have been commonly described qualitatively in captive wolves e. However, no study has been carried out to assess the validity of this model neither in the wild nor in captivity. Furthermore, despite having been observed in a number of species, no study, to our knowledge has evaluated the potential effect of different competitive contexts on dominance relationships in wolves.

Hence, in the current study we applied a combination of the most commonly used quantitative methods to evaluate dominance relationships, in order to investigate 1 whether an agonistic dominance hierarchy could describe the relationships between members of a captive family pack of Arctic wolves and whether a hierarchical structure would remain consistent amongst siblings when the top-ranking individuals i.

Thesis statement on lupis

Finally, to help address the controversy regarding the validity of the dominance concept in wolves, we also aimed to assess 5 if the typical age- and sex -graded model could adequately describe the relationships of the nuclear family pack of wolves observed.

Subjects and study site We studied a pack of captive arctic wolves Canis lupus arctos at the Olomouc Zoo Moravia, Czech Republic during a period of five months Jan —May The pack was composed of 20 individuals: The pack was structured as a nuclear family with all members born into the pack except for the breeding male and the two unrelated breeding females.

The number of individuals decreased to 14 by the end of the period of study Table 1 because six wolves were removed from the pack. Specifically, one adult breeding female was removed because she was badly injured by the other breeding female during the reproductive season.

Two adult and two sub-adult wolves were sold to another zoo. Finally an adult male was removed because of continuous mobbing episodes from the whole pack.The best remedy to misunderstanding is a clear statement of the basics for busy people.

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