Write a happy note leave on a park bench

Share via Email You were a stranger who sat beside me as my husband and I played with our three-year-old son midway through a family bike ride. He was elated as he ran from Daddy to Mummy, thrilled by all the attention focused on him. You took enormous pleasure in watching this young child running, chattering, shouting and laughing. We were there for 20 minutes or so and you sat still on one bench while three of us ran chaotically backwards and forwards from that bench to another, as required by the game we were playing.

Write a happy note leave on a park bench

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Chapter 25 After leaving Mr. The next day, he walks up and down Fifth Avenue, watching the children and feeling more and more nervous and overwhelmed.


Every time he crosses a street, he feels like he will disappear, so each time he reaches a curb, he calls to Allie, pleading with his dead brother to let him make it to the other side.

He decides to leave New York, hitchhike west, and never go home or to school again.

Chapters 25–26

He imagines living as a hermit, never talking to anybody, and marrying a deaf-mute girl. While waiting at the museum, Holden shows two young kids where the mummies are. He leads them down the hallway to the tomb exhibit, but they get scared and run off, leaving Holden alone in the dark, cramped passage.

He leaves the exhibit to wait for Phoebe. On the way to the bathroom, he passes out, but he downplays the incident. Phoebe arrives at the museum with a suitcase and begs Holden to take her with him.

He feels dizzy and worries that he will pass out again.

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He tells her that she cannot possibly go with him and feels even closer to fainting. She gets angry, refuses to look at him, and gruffly returns his hunting hat.

She angrily refuses, and he offers to take her to the zoo.

write a happy note leave on a park bench

They walk to the zoo, Holden on one side of the street, Phoebe following angrily on the other. After looking at some animals, they walk to the park, now on the same side of the street, although still not quite together.

They come to the carousel, and Holden convinces Phoebe to ride it. He sits on a park bench, watching her go around and around. They have reconciled, he is wearing his red hunting hat, and suddenly he feels so happy he thinks he might cry. Chapter 26 Holden concludes his story by refusing to discuss what happened after his day in the park with Phoebe, although he does say that he went home, got sick, and was sent to the rest home from which he now tells his story.

write a happy note leave on a park bench

Talking about what happened to him makes him miss all the people in his story.May 14,  · To people watch, practice natural observation by sitting quietly somewhere unobtrusive, like a bench in a busy plaza or under a tree in the park.

Make sure to wear sunglasses or bring a book to read so you remain unnoticed%(41). The letter you always wanted to write. A letter to Rachel, the woman I met on a park bench for 20 minutes or so and you sat still on one bench while three of .

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The walk took me to the park where I frequently found myself fascinating about life. That I would be happy someday, Read love story The Park Bench Photo credit: dmscs from initiativeblog.com I was in a dilemma. Read write short stories for money Note: This scheme is called off e.f.

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SparkNotes: The Catcher in the Rye: Chapters 25–26