Writing a query letter for a fantasy novel ideas

Not even at Batman standards, just below Punisher. The character in my book only survives because he has enough willpower to fuel a car. He uses blunt objects he finds around, or chemicals he mixes. I have the origin story down:

Writing a query letter for a fantasy novel ideas

Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! Laura Whitcomb April 28, What if you have so many ideas for your novel that the idea of an outline completely overwhelms you? Or, conversely, what if you have a central idea for your story, but are unsure of where to go from there?

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Grab a package of 3-by-5 cards and copy each idea onto a card. Some ideas will be broad: Mary finds proof and destroys it. Others will be specific: If an idea is too long for a card, name it something that represents the whole and keep the longer version the notebook page or slip of paper for later when you write the actual scene.

For now call it something brief like: Even if some ideas are only random details rather than full-blown scenes, go ahead and write those down on cards, too.

Sounds simple enough, right? But if you have only one undeveloped idea for your novel, where will your cards come from?


When I started writing the novel A Certain Slant of Light, I wondered what it would be like for a ghost to be seen by a human being for the first time after having been invisible for more than a century. This idea led to some questions: If someone can see her, how is he doing it? Why can only one person see her?

So, I began asking myself these questions and writing possible answers on scene cards. Perhaps the young man who can see her is like her.

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This led to the idea that having this peculiar thing in common, the two would probably be drawn to each other—perhaps even fall in love. But what can they do? This led to the idea that they should find her a body.

writing a query letter for a fantasy novel ideas

So far, so good—but now I had two ghosts hiding in bodies, and felt stuck again.What if you have so many ideas for your novel that the idea of an outline completely overwhelms you?

It’s good writing practice to keep a notebook or paper close by so that you can jot down ideas for your story as they arise—but when the result is a growing pile of mismatched odds and ends, how do you organize those ideas into some sort of coherent outline that will guide your writing?

I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic initiativeblog.com of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but I also provide articles specifically about superhero stories..

Generic Physical Superpowers. Superstrength. Full query letter example. Special advice on email queries. Email queries tend to get read and rejected more quickly than snail mail queries; with that in mind, you may want to create two separate versions of your query letter, one for email and another for printing.

Here’s a formatting process I recommend: Write your query in Word or TextEdit. Questions: 1. My suspense novel is roughly k. Is that instant death?

Should I not include the word count in the query unless required? There is a second protagonist that plays a significant role and is responsible for about 1/3 of the word count.

Welcome to the third and final installment of our romance writer series! Now that you’ve got a grip on the basics and spent time drafting and editing your novel, it’s time to talk next initiativeblog.com you’re looking at traditional publishing, then that means writing a query letter.

Hand over the glitter, the construction paper and the creative half of your brain, and let’s talk about seven common query letter strategies that are terrible, no good, very bad ideas, so you can learn from those who’ve made these mistakes.

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