Young generation

Share10 Shares Young people get a bad rap. Current generations are often portrayed as unmotivated and irresponsible compared to the hard-working, sensible generations that came before them. Rap music, video games, and movies are all becoming increasingly violent, leading many to believe that a generation of unfeeling thugs is inevitable. The CDC keeps a record of youth violence rates among those aged 10—

Young generation

A new generation has come of age, shaped by an unprecedented revolution in technology and dramatic events both at home and abroad.

They are Generation Next, the cohort of young adults who have grown up with personal computers, cell phones and the internet and are now Young generation their place in a world where the only constant is rapid change.

In reassuring ways, the generation that came of age in the shadow of Sept. They are generally happy with their lives and optimistic about their futures. Moreover, Gen Nexters feel that educational and job opportunities are better for them today than for the previous generation. At the same time, many of their attitudes and priorities reflect a limited set of life experiences.

Marriage, children and an established career remain in the future for most of those in Generation Young generation. More than two-thirds see their generation as unique and distinct, yet not all self-evaluations are positive.

In their political outlook, they are the most tolerant of any generation on social issues such as immigration, race and homosexuality. They are also much more likely to identify with the Democratic Party than was the preceding generation of young people, which could reshape politics in the years ahead.

This report takes stock of this new generation. It explores their outlook, their lifestyle and their politics. For analysis purposes, Generation Next includes those Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. They use technology and the internet to connect with people in new and distinctive ways.

Text messaging, instant messaging and email keep them in constant contact with friends. About half say they sent or received a text message over the phone in the past day, approximately double the proportion of those ages Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and MyYearbook allow individuals to post a personal profile complete with photos and descriptions of interests and hobbies.

A majority of Gen Nexters have used one of these social networking sites, and more than four-in-ten have created a personal profile. Their embrace of new technology has made them uniquely aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

They are more likely than older adults to say these cyber-tools make it easier for them to make new friends and help them to stay close to old friends and family. And they also lead the way in their support for gay marriage and acceptance of interracial dating. Beyond these social issues, their views defy easy categorization.

For example, Generation Next is less critical of government regulation of business but also less critical of business itself. And they are the most likely of any generation to support privatization of the Social Security system.The next generation is one bombarded with media images of how their bodies and minds should conform to a certain standard.

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America urgently needs a new direction.

Young generation

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Young generation

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